The Center for Translational Medicine

Photo of a male and female researcher in a laboratory

“The goal of translational medicine is to achieve new breakthrough discoveries in the lab and bring them to patients’ bedsides faster.”

- Walter J. Koch, PhD, Director of The Center for Translational Medicine and Professor and Chair of the Department of Pharmacology   

A multi-disciplinary and collaborative research organization, The Center for Translational Medicine accelerates the translation of laboratory discoveries into new clinical therapies.

The Center is committed to enhancing the movement of basic scientific discoveries to improve the care and treatment of patients.  It is comprised of basic and clinical scientists dedicated to the discovery of novel targets to combat disease, who collaborate with other University entities to enhance their utilization and testing in humans.

The Center encompasses molecular, genetic, biomedical, epigenetic and population studies to develop innovative diagnostic, preventive and treatment strategies to combat disease and improve health outcomes and quality of life.

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