Acres of Diamonds

One of the most critical decisions a person makes in his or her lifetime is deciding what legacy to leave behind. Many Temple friends, alumni and donors have chosen to make their legacy a philanthropic one, naming Temple University in their will or otherwise making a planned gift. This decision is the penultimate gesture of giving back and empowering the next generation to make their own marks on the world.

To recognize these forward-thinking donors, in 1991 Temple University established the Acres of Diamonds Circle. Today, the Acres of Diamonds Circle includes approximately 900 members who have collectively given back nearly $150 million in gifts to Temple University, ranging from endowed chairs, vital scholarships and numerous special programs that greatly enhance Temple's mission of excellence in education.

Acres of Diamonds Circle members help further Temple's mission of research, teaching and service, and provide opportunities to those for whom a university education might not otherwise be possible. The generosity of these members cements their legacies as people who have helped leave the world better than they found it.

Joining the Acres of Diamonds Circle

Have you included Temple in your estate plans? Are you considering a planned gift or are you revising your will?

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